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Specialists in Precision Metal Fabrication

World-class supplier of close tolerance fabricated metal products through cutting-edge equipment and technology. Fulfilling thousands of contracts with the US government annually while simultaneously serving our local farmers and AG community.

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At Eilers Machine and Welding we pride ourselves on quality fabrication while maintaining on-time delivery. We are a family owned business that has been serving the United States government for over 35 years as well as serving the AG community with multiple product lines, including the Eilers Machine 610 track closer. 

From close tolerance, precision made components for Military Vehicles to parts made for Combines, Eilers Machine can take any drawing and turn it into a precision made piece for your company. From manufacturing to outsourcing, we can provide the quality, efficiency and product your company demands.

EMW has a proven track record in servicing a broad range of machining, fabrication, welding and finishing needs while ensuring total compliance with customer specifications and tolerances. Eilers Machine and Welding will continue to expand into new markets while serving its existing customers with quality products. 

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Eilers machine and Welding is a fast growing manufacturing company in the Midwest. With cutting edge technology and professional machinists, we are forging new paths in the fabrication industry.
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Why Eilers?

Eilers Machine is the best manufacturing facility to work at in Central Nebraska. From the benefits to competitive salary, Eilers Machine and Welding cannot be beat. 

The employees are treated with the utmost respect because we understand that we would not be where we are today without you! The dedication and drive of the people employed by Eilers is like none other. When you arrive, you are welcomed and trained by the best so you can perform to your fullest potential to thrive in whatever position you are placed. 

Eilers offers a multitude of positions, from machine operator to painter; from engineer to estimator, all positions are seen as extremely valuable in the manufacturing process and are compensated as such. We are a job shop that cycles through multiple jobs every day so no two days employed at Eilers will be the same. If you like variety in your work day, Eilers Machine is the place for you. 

Eilers also offers a competitive benefits package and is willing to beat your current wage. 



Eilers machine and Welding is the sole manufacturer of 610 track closers and gopher killer machines!


Eilers Machine and welding has been the sole manufacturer of the The Eilers Machine 610 track closer (formerly known as the KC equipment 610 closer) since conception about 10 years ago. 

Recently EMW purchased the patent and has owned the product line since it changed hands. The Eilers Machine 610 closer is like no other track filler on the market. 

One thing that sets this machine apart from it’s competition is the weight. This is a beefy machine weighing in at 5,000 pounds, which is 75% heavier that it’s closest competition, making it the heaviest track filler on the market. 

Unlike our competition, the 610 closer does more than just till the ground up. This machine shines in the worst of terrains and conditions


Gopher Killer

The Eilers Machine Gopher Killer, Previously known as The Western Alfalfa Gopher Killer, is the most effective and efficient procedure known to eliminate gophers. Pulled by your tractor, this machine eliminates gophers by administering poison underground as they tunnel and feed.

Eilers Machine has always been the sole manufacturer of the Western Alfalfa Gopher Killer. Around 2013, Eilers Machine came Primary owner of this product, and this machine is now known as the the Eilers Machine Gopher killer.



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